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March 26, 2024 
Managing Through Conflict
Webinar was presented by Women in World Trade New England
in celebration of Women's History Month

Women in World Trade New England (WWTNE) hosted a complimentary webinar featuring Penny Tremblay, author of Sandbox Strategies for the NEW Workplace as she works through her innovative solutions to managing conflict with a particular emphasis on the conflicts women often confront when marketing globally.

International trade is a major driver of economic growth, with exporting firms earning greater profits, paying higher wages, and growing faster than non-exporting firms.


Women-led small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are substantially less likely to sell their products and services internationally than those led by men. Only 11% of women-led firms in OECD countries export, compared to 19% of men-led and 13% of equal-led firms.

Let's change that!


Problems: Career conflict is a major source of stress, with several circumstances unique or more prevalent for women. Add in the cultural diversity that affects women in global trade, and you have a perfect storm of what could go wrong as women embrace global opportunities presented in our current economic climate. Managing through conflict takes skills that we weren’t taught in school or through technical training.


Solution: This program will outline five common problems women face across trade, as identified by the key world trade and finance organizations, and provide Sandbox Strategies for solutions.


Penny Tremblay, author of Sandbox Strategies for the NEW Workplace, [Rowman & Littlefield 2023] shares her expertise, stories, and current research of top trends for managing conflict to help participants build productive, peaceful, and profitable relationships.

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