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British American Business Network events

You may be interested in viewing the events of the chapters of the British American Business Network (20). The BABCNE is a founding member.  The complete list, which is updated monthly, can be accessed on this link:


About the network:


The BAB Network strengthens and supports its chapters through content, connections and opportunities.  Chapters, in turn, help member companies grow their businesses by leveraging network connections across the UK and North America.  The BABN also engages with the US and UK governments on a broad range of policy issues impacting the trade of goods and services between the UK and North America. We maintain an ongoing dialogue with the Government on many of these issues and make direct, formal representations to Government on issues of particular concern.


For more details visit:

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BritishAmerican Business (BAB) New Trade & Investment Guide to the UK for US Companies


BritishAmerican Business (BAB) has produced the 2024 edition of Finding Your Way, the most comprehensive guidebook for US companies seeking to expand their business into the UK.


The Trade & Investment Guide is a crucial resource for US companies looking to explore the exciting opportunities the UK has to offer. It provides practical advice on all the issues that companies must consider when expanding, from logistics and legal services to finance and immigration.

It offers insights on the diverse nations and regions across the UK and outlines the unique sector-based opportunities in every corner of the country.

Finding Your Way provides essential information on the services that both the UK and US governments, as well as leading associations and networks offer to help US companies be successful. It also includes details and practical advice from leading private sector firms whose services can help companies with their expansion endeavors. Read more here.

Download the guide here.

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